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Modern Warefare 2 Server

    BF2 Update possibilities


    Steam Name : SytremeLaker
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    BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by SytremeLaker on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 7:22 am

    Dave and I were brainstorming ideas for the upcoming BF2 update. None of these were actually started yet but they are possibilities. Some of them are listed below.

    Class Specialties
    This isn't what you think.
    The BF2 version of classes will not try to mimic the classes in the actual BF2 game due to the past dislike of that type of class system. Rather, a much more flexible system may be implemented in which players will have full discretion of what game they want to use. The classes will not limit what guns players can use. Instead, classes will give players certain specialties that players can use to both help their teammates and earn them XP (more on XP changes later on). For example, a class such as the Medic will allow the user to drop medkits that will heal teammates and will grant the Medic experience for his actions. A class like a Resupplier can drop ammo crates that resupply their teammates' ammo.
    Still a working idea but you get the pciture.

    More emphasis on Points

    As of right now, points have little meaning in the server, which in turn, causes a deterioration in the flag-point style gameplay (no meaning to points = less reason to capture flags). Which leads a lot of us to believe that the point system needs a makeover.
    Kills will still be worth a single point but headshots will net in a whopping three points. In addition, ranks will provide the player will additional equipment (grenades, starting ammo and armor) on spawn. Also, in an attempt to give player ranks more meaning, custom radio commands may be unlocked by reaching certain ranks. These commands will likely be from the BF2 game (although MW2 has some pretty sick commands as well). Finally, additional classes can be unlocked from leveling up.

    BF2 Tactics
    Probably the biggest 'if'. The idea is to utilize the CS Tactics plugin by Hawk552. Instead of me explaining it, you can either read the thread located @ http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=924972 or watch a video of the mod

    The idea is pretty cool. We'll see what people think.

    New Badges
    Gonna take a shot at creating several new badges although I don't really have much experience working with code concerning Nvault saving. But then again, Trial & Error ftw, right? Anyways, I'm planning on reworking a couple of the current badges like lowering the requirements for the sniper and smg expert badges while slightly increasing the requirements for the other badges. In addition, a couple new badges with their own requirements may also be made. Possibilities are pretty much endless.
    There is, however, one downside. While I was fooling around with the CoD script, I was trying to make weapon-specific statistics so the mod could track how many kills you earned with any specific weapon. When I tried to apply the update with the weapon-specific stats, players lost specific statistics, most notably their experience. The CoD script uses the same saving code as the BF2, so one could probably expect similar results. This means that with the addition of new badges, there may be a server reset.

    Probably forgot to list a couple things, I'll sleep on it and see what turns up.
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard

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    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by eaturpye on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 5:03 pm

    The waypoints thing looks good.
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard

    Steam Name : zulek
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    Age : 27
    Location : Walnut,California

    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by Rain. on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 6:55 pm

    i think that all those ideas up there are pretty good,bf2 does kind of need a makeover.
    that bf2 tactics thing looks pretty cool, may i ask how long the server would be down if the new badges were added?
    [PCSHOP] Member
    [PCSHOP] Member

    Steam Name : unkn0wn_d3vil
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    Location : Vancouver, BC

    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by Reflex_UnKn0wN on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 8:33 pm

    That waypoint idea would be awesome
    [PCSHOP] Member
    [PCSHOP] Member

    Gender : Male Posts : 31
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    Location : Singapore

    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by stalker on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 11:04 pm

    How bout a signaler class?
    He signals airbourne drops for ammo and medikits..
    [PCSHOP] Member
    [PCSHOP] Member

    Gender : Male Posts : 346
    Join date : 2009-10-31

    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by Wazo.O on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 11:26 pm

    instead of medkits u should have a special gun that allows u to heal others (ie tf2's medigun)

    Steam Name : starcraftgod624
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    Age : 27
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    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by RadSavage on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 11:53 pm

    lol make it the awp.

    Someone is awping you from across the map, and your friend is awping you from the other side healing you. hahaaa

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    Steam Name : badasswithaheartofgold
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    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by Dave on Thu 31 Dec 2009, 1:52 am

    In theory we do all the testing on our listen servers, and then apply it one night... Might have to shut it down just for a few hours if anything? I haven't talked to Sytreme about that - but that's just a logical answer, lol. Installing plugins takes like 5 seconds, it's creating/testing that takes forever!

    Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Gender : Male Posts : 21
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    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by Jonnybean on Thu 31 Dec 2009, 5:59 am

    i like all of these ideas...

    i do think there needs to be a little more emphasis on the points on rank...other than bragging rights.

    the badges are good because it will keep people entertained...it's really not that hard to get 18-22/24 badges in a relatively short period of time.

    im down to help test or help with any of it
    strawberry face
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard

    Steam Name : Strawberry Face
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    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

    Post by strawberry face on Fri 01 Jan 2010, 7:58 pm

    I like the new badges idea, im looking forward to seeing what happens

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    Re: BF2 Update possibilities

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