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Modern Warefare 2 Server

    Future Mod Plans

    [PCSHOP] Administrator
    [PCSHOP] Administrator

    Steam Name : piratetirant
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    Future Mod Plans

    Post by Tirant on Thu 22 Oct 2009, 1:21 am

    Well, I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I've been and still am very busy with school and football (practice ends ~7pm and i dun want to do shit after). I wanted to tell you guys the future plans for the mod. I am thinking of posting the mod on allied modders because I have always wanted to post it kinda, but I've never really considered it finished. It will most likely get rejected because it isn't scripted very well, but I want to try and expand it some and get other people involved into the project. I'm just not very reliable. Anyways, I have developed some skills more so that if I get a decent concept artist we can together make whatever we want to pending skeletons. In other words, make the mod our own with our own zombies that we are free to distribute. I really don't want this mod to die. Right now it is already dieing, although it never really lived. I kinda went a little overboard on the ideas. I made it unbalanced with the zombie classes and instead of a z-day environment, I created a more you vs zombie classes environment which while fun wasn't really the path I wanted to go into. The hl1 engine kinda limits the mod's bot zombies, I've researched ideas on coding or recoding bots or making my own AI system but I am simply not smart enough venturing into areas unknown to me. I can read code and understand how, but starting from scratch is a bitch (vittu, you kick ass). Anyways, at the end of this rant-like post, I just wanted to say that I know the mod is dieing and I want to do something about it. My plan to do something about it involves getting a team to work on it, or just giving it away in hopes that the right person will find it an make the needed improvements. Some basic things I want are 1) a better spawn system along with teleports (this will limit maps severely and force people to possibly edit custom maps themselves (people are lazy) but only a few will use the mod). Sorry let me continue below for organization purposes.

    1) better spawn system
    2) teleport system
    [the 2 above is what i assume l4d uses, if done creatively this can make 10 zombies seem like an endless horde]
    3) different game modes
    [including the current one?]
    4) normal zombies, yes the old fashion fun ones with no special abilities

    I also did some research and experiments with creating a death effect in which bodies will rise up and kinda dissolve away, I was successful but I can't code it in.

    I was also going to try and make a world war 2 zombie mod like cod5 did. I have the zombies (nazi that is) and the models, but I don't have the time and coding abilities.

    Anyways, thanks for reading...


    If you would like to contact me, the fastest way is via Email to: tiranthunter@hotmail.com
    [PCSHOP] Veteran Member
    [PCSHOP] Veteran Member

    Steam Name : .: OneMoreLevel :. ™ ︻デ=-
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    Re: Future Mod Plans

    Post by OneMoreLevel on Thu 22 Oct 2009, 2:50 pm

    Epic. One word. Epic.

    Tirant, I know you aren't a awesome scripter like vittu, nor am I, but I would be glad to help. Im already getting really used to it and building mods and plugins every now and then. If you need help, just tell me and send me the source code.

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