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Modern Warefare 2 Server

    About the Mod

    [PCSHOP] Administrator
    [PCSHOP] Administrator

    Steam Name : piratetirant
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    Join date : 2009-06-24
    Age : 26
    Location : Temple City, CA

    About the Mod

    Post by Tirant on Thu 25 Jun 2009, 11:40 am

    Thank you Kaboom for the awesome pic!

    Dawn of the Dead is a mod that I developed and am still developing. What is it? Dawn of the Dead mod puts you, the survivor, and other players against zombies. These aren't just any garden variety zombies though, they are intelligent. Each bot is treated like a normal player so they only have 100 hp (sometimes), but if they get to close to you, you'll be hurting. It may sound easy, but you an your teammates must kill over 200 zombies in order to win the round. Choose your arsenal wisely, some guns are better then others for certain jobs. Make sure that you that you stick together so that you don't get swarmed, and always have someone watch your back to protect you from that instant kill. It is also VERY dark in some areas of these maps so everyone is armed with a handy flash bang grenade, or in my server, a flare which will bright up an area for an amount of time. This can be a very handy tool especially when I put it on super hard mode.

      Custom Zombie Models (I'm not talking to shitty half-life one, I'm talking gg ones, 4 different ones)
      Custom Sounds (Win round sound and a new round sound to add to the feeling)
      Sandbags plugin (for admins) which allows the user to place a nice little barricade in front of them, or make a bunker
      Custom Maps (so far es_underground and a series of custom maps I have made under the alias "zs maps"). Some maps will be made custom and waypointed just for this server and bots by me
      Spooky environment which can cause you to just about shit your pants sometimes.
      Super FastDL you can now download the whole mod/maps in about a ridiculously short amount of time.
      XP system that can help you keep track of your kills
      Ranking System this is just an idea, but I may reset the ranks (kills, headshots, etc) every month or so and have a few of the top people's names posted and maybe a prize (i.e. pride, admin powers, pride)
      Respawning System after every death you may respawn again after a 60 second wait; go get a drink.
      Thirdperson for those crazy people.
      And Much Much More
      If I left anything out tell me ^^

    Features to come:
      Custom Mods that will alter the game play such as upgrades mod or something
      Boss Round depending on how it will be possible to incorporate
      one, I would like to have a boss round with 1 super zombie with custom
      more to come...

      Vittu - lots of scripting help (thank you!)

    Feel free to post any questions comment concerns or epiphanies that have to do with Dawn of the Dead here in this topic


    If you would like to contact me, the fastest way is via Email to: tiranthunter@hotmail.com

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    Steam Name : stasi96bg
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    Re: About the Mod

    Post by striker96bg on Mon 01 Mar 2010, 3:02 pm

    pls can I download the mod

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