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    Modern Warefare 2 Server

      Welcome to our new Bans Managers!

      [PCSHOP] Administrator
      [PCSHOP] Administrator

      Steam Name : Anonymous
      Gender : Male Posts : 855
      Join date : 2010-04-23
      Age : 29
      Location : Kansas

      Welcome to our new Bans Managers!

      Post by Anon on Wed 10 Nov 2010, 7:04 am

      Hello again everyone,

      Anon here and I just wanted to let you all know about our new level of management! Our Bans Management! These select, VERY trusted, appointed members will be in charge of reviewing evidence (demos and otherwise), as well as Admin Abuse topics in order to maintain a neat, fair, orderly, and timely (as possible) a trial. In essence these Ban Managers will be like a [PCSHOP] Supreme Court. They will decide if a player will be banned, or remained banned, not the banning admin.

      This way we will know that someone is constantly taking care of these sections and the balance of power will be appropriate, right now, every admin is like "Oh yeah, I banned you so you're staying banned" but I think we need to have a couple of moderators over those sections (AkA Bans Managers) so they will review demos and evidence that will rule over the banning admins to unban players, ban players, or keep players banned.

      That way there will be no conflict over who presides over player/admin authority...*

      Here's an example:

      A player submits evidence about another player, or an admin bans a player and reports it. One of the bans managers will review the evidence and make a ruling for or against that player, and once that ruling is made that (the bans managers) call will stand. However, if another Bans Manager rules the opposite of the first, (i.e. the first ruling was a ban and the second is a unban then the second ruling will stand (the unban) until, that is, the third Bans Manager gives their verdict.

      Then the ruling with 2/3 vote will remain permanent. That way it will give the player in question the most fair advantage to a majority vote to very fair, unbiased, knowledgeable individuals (the Bans Managers)... not just subject to one biased opinion (the banning admin).


      No other admins may overturn that judgement unless it is another Ban Manager with a 2/3 majority vote.*

      Currently our Bans Managers are as followed: Ki-Lier and Tidal Wave. I will be appointing a third member soon. Congratulations guys!

      *Granted, heads will have any final say in any rulings, or the ability to overrule the decision as we see fit.

      [PCSHOP] Head Admin

      ...Because none of us are as cruel as all of us... Expect us.


      Re: Welcome to our new Bans Managers!

      Post by Guest on Tue 16 Nov 2010, 10:52 am

      Currently our Bans Managers are as followed: Ki-Lier and Tidal Wave.Gratz guys

      I would like to Announce Our 3rd and final New Ban Manager [PCSHOP] j0p@p@ he is one of our dedicated players on Base Builders.We now have a balanced Ban Management Team.


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