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Modern Warefare 2 Server

    [PCSHOP] Frequently Asked Questions

    [PCSHOP] Administrator
    [PCSHOP] Administrator

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    [PCSHOP] Frequently Asked Questions

    Post by Anon on Tue 26 Oct 2010, 6:05 pm

    [PCSHOP] Frequently Asked Questions


    What is [PCSHOP]?
    We are a tight knit CS 1.6 community that was founded around May 2007 by SytremeLaker. We host original mods as well as other popular servers. Many people play our servers and come to our forums, and those that find themselves especially close to the servers and our members petition to join our Community.

    Who is in charge around here?
    Our Head Admins are [PCSHOP] Anon and [PCSHOP] Tirant. You may contact them with any issues you have.
    However, please respect that they are very busy. While they will be able to answer your questions, don't be afraid to ask around first.

    Are there any forum rules?
    Why yes, thanks for asking! Our offical forum rules can be found here.
    Please read them carefully and ask if something is not clear.

    How do I get involved with the PCSHOP Community?
    • Join our Steam Community Group.
    • Play our servers and talk to members.
    • Feel free to find anyone on Steam Friends.
    • Remember to be active on the forums.
    • You can find our Official Member List *here (awaiting update)*

    How can I join PCSHOP?
    Thank you for your interest in our community! You can find all the info about joining here.


    What servers does [PCSHOP] currently offer?
    Since [PCSHOP]'s founding, we have been proud to offer original mods for Counter-strike 1.6 from BF2 to BaseBuilder. [PCSHOP] Tirant has created both of the following mods and is constantly working to improve them.

    1) Zombie Base Builder Mod:
    2) CoD: MW2 Mod:

    We share our mods with many communities and are proud to host servers for other successful mods, when demanded by our community.

    What if someone is cheating in-game?
    You are encouraged to record a demo and post it in the Hacker Reports Forum or contact any server admin or Server Guard. Click on the links below to see the server guards for each server.
    Base Builder Server Guards
    Modern Warfare 2 Server Guards

    How do I record a demo?
    Our very own mcgRIP Has made a great guide on how to record and post a demo which you can read here.

    Where can I report admin abuse?
    If one of our admins is behaving inappropriately, please report the incident here with solid evidence in our Admin Abuse Forum.

    I've been banned, what gives?
    Hackers and rule breakers are kicked or banned by our admins regularly. If you feel that you were wrongfully banned, you may appeal it in our Ban Appeals Section.

    Where are the servers located?

    Both Zombie BB Mod and CoD:MW2 Mod are located in Dallas, Texas USA.

    If you have any other questions please ask the Admins or Moderators listed above.

    Thank you and Happy gaming from [PCSHOP] Very Happy

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