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    [PCSHOP] Forum Moderator
    [PCSHOP] Forum Moderator

    Steam Name : Ki-Lier
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    Post by Ki-Lier on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 10:18 pm

    lol, well think im like 4th oldest (age wise) in pcshop or 3rd i unno. im 23 come april 24th, Majored in CADD (computer aided drafting and design) in high school. 2 hours a day for 2 years. sooner or later i plan on getting off to college to get majors in computer science, computer informations and other various techie that that i need that damn peice of paper for...

    i play all games for the most part listen to all music for the most part. i love watching anime (recommend me something if i dont have ill look into it) i do tech support almost every other day for alotta people on my steam friends so if your not techie ask away im sure i got a solution to your little issue.

    i have all console's that have released to the US. i love console gaming but i decided i didnt want a tv anymore and well got rid of it so now im strictly for the most part a pc gamer 4lyfe. I still go out to my sisters, and cousins to play console when i feel the need too though

    I live in the country side of Western NY. nothing but farmland and woods around where i live, i go ATVing all the time during spring summer fall (some times winter) been working on my honda getting it rdy for this season. i love the out doors almost as much as i love gaming.

    i unno. if theres something in general that i didnt say u wanan know....ask rly dont care as im an open book and dont care wtf ppl think of me lol trufact sooo yah

    see you in game? till then l8r
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard

    Gender : Male Posts : 1320
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    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by LOLWUT on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 10:44 pm

    Hm, Very cool, I wanted to have some knowledge on how a computer works as well...Nice to meet you, O_o Smile

    [PCSHOP] Veteran Member
    [PCSHOP] Veteran Member

    Steam Name : iCookies
    Gender : Male Posts : 353
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    Location : Vancouver, B.C.

    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by iCookies on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 11:16 pm

    I still can't get over the fact you don't have a T.V...
    [PCSHOP] Veteran Member
    [PCSHOP] Veteran Member

    Gender : Male Posts : 245
    Join date : 2009-06-27

    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by Moe on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 11:30 pm

    iCookies wrote:I still can't get over the fact you don't have a T.V...


    how do you live?

    If I could I would even hook up CS to my TV, well maybe if I played CS on a laptop + I would plugin a keyboard and actual mouse lol
    My Taylor Swift
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard
    [PCSHOP] Server Guard

    Steam Name : JUMPINJACKFLASH5011
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    Age : 27
    Location : Temple City, CA

    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by My Taylor Swift on Wed 31 Mar 2010, 1:51 am

    i <3 Ki i hate my computer science class right now stupid programming is C++

    [PCSHOP] Forum Moderator
    [PCSHOP] Forum Moderator

    Steam Name : Ki-Lier
    Gender : Male Posts : 375
    Join date : 2010-01-01

    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by Ki-Lier on Wed 31 Mar 2010, 2:52 am

    i have a tv...just its down stairs...in living room...with all the douche bag smokers that i dont care to be around ... lol computer = tv enough for me

    Buffalo ( yah thats right!! lol ) i have like 7 books on programming, and buncha vid tuts Smile just havnt gotten around to it. ive made a hello world program hella easy to do just dont ask me to do it off the top of my head right now LOL


    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by Guest on Wed 31 Mar 2010, 8:36 am

    Hi kill-her

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    Re: HhHhHmMmMmMm

    Post by Sponsored content

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